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Logo Concept Creation in Adobe Illustrator

I designed this logo concept on pen and paper for Clubs With Heart – an organisation based in Victoria that specialise in transforming culture through sport by delivering quality education, and leadership sessions in sporting clubs, schools and businesses. The rough mockup is below.

The logo was created to symbolise values and activities of the organisation such as: sport, movement, stability, support, progress, transition and fun.

Mark Nunan from 90 Degrees Digital who helped me clarify the philosophy behind the logo had the following to say about what he saw in the finished product:

  • Balance – which is one of the core goals (to imbue young people and clubs with skills for not only sporting success, but life balance)
  • Forward Inertia – it is a figure in motion (which all sports have in common), and this is emboldened by the shape and font leaning forward
  • Upstanding – the figure is not only athletic, but upstanding (chest up and head high), which I love
  • Fun – I endorse you saying fun, and this is accessible to both younger and old demographics, which is a real achievement. 

Watch the video below to see the creation of the logo in Adobe Illustrator from start to finish.

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