From Gerson Studios to Gerson Seven

Last Updated on August 13, 2020 by Gerson Robles

I launched my business in November 2018. We’ve been operating under the name ‘Gerson Studios’ ever since and our logo was a stylised vector of my face.

But for a while now, I’ve been working on a rebrand for several reasons. Firstly, there was another ‘Gerson Studios’ in the USA with the domain extension .com that was conflicting with my own Secondly, I didn’t quite like the name ‘Studios’ for some reason. Thirdly, I have been able to secure all the most relevant domain extensions for my new business name – Gerson Seven. Gerson Studios was a great name, but it didn’t embody everything we want to offer. 

What does Gerson Seven mean?

The ‘Seven’ in my new name signifies the 7 services I will offer that propel my client’s businesses forward. These are: 

  1. Website design & development
  2. WordPress hosting & site care plans
  3. SEO & social media management
  4. WordPress speed optimisation
  5. Graphic design & branding
  6. Business printing solutions
  7. WordPress tutoring & online courses

I look forward to serving you in this new capacity. While our new website is live, its still under construction and will be a work in progress over the next several weeks, but more likely months as we continually add improvements. 

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