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Food Ordering App: The Best Plugin For Websites Using WordPress & WooCommerce

Last Updated on January 30, 2022 by Gerson Robles

Meet Orderable

Orderable is a relatively new plugin created mainly for restaurants to facilitate their online ordering and delivery/pickup schedules. While restaurants are the main target for this type of plugin, its features are by no means limited to restaurant needs. The plugin can be used perfectly by any business using WooCommerce for their online sales. If you want to streamline your online store’s ordering process and make it easy for clients to browse and purchase products while having the flexibility to set custom pickup and delivery times – read further.

The Orderable website homepage - online food ordering app for WooCommerce and WordPress
The Orderable Website

The Rise And Rise Of Online Ordering

The amount of Australians ordering food online is increasing year by year.  Between 2018 and 2023, it’s expected that online food ordering will grow more than three times the rate of on-premises sales.

Contact-free delivery and pickup have surged in popularity as lockdowns are enforced and exposure sites are tracked throughout Australia. More and more people are opting for an easy online ordered meal as opposed to dining in. Industry reports suggest Australians are spending three times more on online food delivery than before the COVID-19 pandemic. Globally, online food delivery is projected to become a US$200 billion industry by 2025.

Needless to say, this has not only affected restaurants, but all other businesses that sell products with a store-front or through pickup or delivery.

Orderable: Online Ordering System For Restaurants, Hobby Farms, Florists And Other Local Businesses

Orderable is a WordPress plugin that plugs into WooCommerce and adds a set of powerful ordering and pickup/delivery scheduling features – making it ideal for restaurants, hobby farmers, florists and like businesses looking for an affordable online ordering solution for their WordPress website.

Works With WordPress And Woocommerce

WordPress is the most popular solution to many small businesses for their e-commerce websites as it well supported and together with WooCommerce provides everything the average online store needs. As well as this, WordPress and WooCommerce have a relatively small learning curve for shop managers. This, together with affordable web design packages, make this combo an attractive option for small businesses in Australia.

Not Just For Restaurants – Use It For Your Small Business

Orderable adds the required functionality to WooCommerce to make a truly powerful platform to manage customisable product sales such as food menu items, flower arrangements, farm produce boxes, catering, and potentially many more business types.

An easy ordering process that’s mobile friendly

The strength of Orderable is its easy to use ordering process that has been specifically designed and optimised for mobile devices (although it works great on a desktop too). It has an app-like feel for browsing through products, adding them to a cart, selecting addons or order bumps and processing options through a quick checkout.

Orderable shop page showing all products for online food ordering
The Orderable Product Archive Page

Using Product Addons And Order Bumps

Having the flexibility to offer product addons or order bumps is a must have for any online store to increase sales and orders.

Powerful Product Addons

If you have a product such as a burger or pizza, or a bouquet of flowers, and you want to offer your clients the freedom to select addons (such as onions, or cheese) – or even to make a dish vegan or gluten-free, you can do it with Ordereble’s product addon feature.

Addon feature for orderable showing mobile friendly order screen
The Orderable Addon Feature

Increase Sales By Offering Order Bumps

If you have a product that combines well with other products in your store, such as coupling a pizza with a drink or garlic bread, you can offer them to your clients using the Order Bumps feature.

Orderable order bump feature showing additional products options
The Orderable Bump Feature

Get instant notifications when orders are placed

An efficient notification system is crucial for order management – Orderable has the goods here too. You can setup a Live Order View screen with the dedicated order page connected to a speaker and it will ping each time there is an order with the details of the order. As of writing, the developers are also working on SMS and WhatsApp notifications.

Control Your Own Delivery And Pickup Schedules And Holiday Times

Orderable has simple yet comprehensive scheduling settings for managing delivery or pickup times as well as blocking time off for your holidays. The Orderable settings page within WordPress dashboard offers you options for setting store opening hours, timezone, selecting whether you offer only pickup or also delivery, the days and hours you offer delivery/pickup services with max order settings and cut off limits as well as lead time and preorder days settings. You can also set your holiday periods to ensure no orders are placed while your store is closed.

Orderable settings page showing options for service hours, delivery and pickup times and holiday times
The Orderable Settings Page

How Much Does Orderable Cost?

The cost of Orderable is (as of publishing this post) US$249 per year, per site. They also have options for 10 sites, and 25 sites which decreases the cost per site quite a lot if you have multiple websites, are running an agency or build websites for clients. View Orderable’s pricing page for the latest prices.

Use Orderable Pro For Free As Part of Our Website Design & Hosting Package

As part of our managed WordPress hosting and site care plans for e-commerce sites, you can use our licensed version of Orderable Pro on your website for free for as long as your website is hosted with us. This is available if you are purchasing a web design package from us or migrating a website over to us from another hosting provider. We also have pay per month website design packages available. If we didn’t build your website, we would have to first check if it is compatible with our hosting stack and able to work with Orderable. Please get in touch with us for more details.

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