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10 Things That Show the Importance of Blogging for Business

Last Updated on October 4, 2020 by Gerson Robles

Blogging for business offers your business varied opportunities beyond just creating regular content for your website.

We’re not talking about writing and publishing a blog that is stuffed full of keywords and keyword phrases which will just upset Google. A strategically determined and carefully crafted blog offers unlimited opportunities to create keyword-rich pages/content which in turn can aid in Google search results. Blogs also provide the chance to be rewarded by Google for long-clicks. This is where a reader clicks on your blog post from a search engine result and stays on your website for a significant amount of time (as in the time it takes to read your blog post). Google notices that people are finding your content valuable and this will help with your ranking.

Among the top three most important factors in ranking well in search engine results are inbound links. And, you guessed it, blogs can increase your likelihood of receiving valuable inbound links by up to 97% according to HubSpot.

“Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can.”

Jon Morrow

It builds online authority and positions you as a thought leader

Blog posts provide the opportunity for your business and your team to build online authority and position you as a thought leader. Now this isn’t a ‘build it and they shall come’ type of scenario. This type of business blogging requires a specific strategic approach:

  • Write and optimise for ‘informational’ keywords – rather than brand or geographical keywords.
  • Create niche content – you can extend subjects as your audience grows but keep it tight to begin with.
  • Write about timely industry updates – not only will you be rewarded by Google but if you’re the expert that filters out the junk and provides the ‘news’ that matters, you will become a trusted source of critical information.
  • Cut the business jargon – consider taking the complex terms and share them in an easier to understand way.
  • Write case studies as blogs – these provide real insights into what you and your business are able to achieve.
  • Contribute guest blogs – creating blogs that are published on someone else’s platform opens you up to new audiences and creates new opportunities to generate inbound links.
  • Just remember to always be credible – don’t create blog content for the sake of it.

It increases website traffic

Blogging for your business can increase your website traffic – it’s really that simple. In fact, websites that blog see up to 55% more traffic according to HubSpot. And with increased traffic comes better search engine results, more engagement and additional opportunities for sales.

It’s expected

According to 2018 data from the Content Marketing Institute, 79% of business-to-business (B2B) websites and 70% of business-to-consumer (B2C) websites have blogs. With these kinds of numbers, it has become expected that businesses will blog. Consumers/clients will actively seek out your blogs to get a feel for you and your business.

It establishes and builds trust

As an integral part of your sales and marketing funnel, blogs have the capacity to help you to establish and build trust with potential customers/clients. Knowing that you are invested enough in your business or brand to create valuable content on a regular basis instils trust that you are around for the long haul.

The currency of blogging is authenticity and trust.

Jason Calacanis

It increases conversions and sales

Even though the aim of a blog post may not specifically be ‘conversions and sales’ – these will come naturally – as long as you have a solid call-to-action (CTA) of course. Blogs can increase email marketing signups, completion of contact forms and even sales. Studies suggest that readers are up to 131% more likely to purchase immediately after reading educational content such as a blog post.

It keeps your target audience engaged

While many people that read your blog posts are likely to be existing customers – this isn’t a bad thing. When they consistently jump onto your website to read your content, they remain engaged and are more likely to become repeat customers/clients and/or advocates/ambassadors for your brand/company.

Blogs can also ensure that potential customers/clients stay in your sales and marketing funnel, moving through awareness to trust and eventually purchase.

It boosts your social media presence

Publishing a blog post on your website doesn’t need to be the end of that marketing tactic. Sharing a link to the blog (with or without extracts from the blog itself) on social media platforms has the power to boosts your reach and even engagement. A blog post can be ‘repurposed’ to create content for a multitude of different platforms – this is not only a cost-effective practice, but one that can show consistency across your online presence.

It can offer great Return on Investment (ROI)

Writing and publishing blog posts on a consistent basis is both relatively simple and relatively cost-effective meaning it can represent a great ROI. In fact, according to HubSpot, businesses that prioritise blogs are 13 times more like to have a higher marketing ROI than those that don’t.

It gives you a voice

Blogging for business can offer a platform (which you own and have complete control over) and a voice. It gives your brand, personal brand, organisation, company and/or business a place to show your personality, highlight your work and experience, and even to compete.

Ready to add serious blogging to your website for your business? Perhaps your website does not have a blog, or you’re unsure how to use it?

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